Summer collection 2013

SUMMER COLLECTION 2013 is an event program created especially for all those who spend the summer in the city.

In the two months of summer vacation the Museum invites you all to concerts, debates, film screenings, tours and performances. The events will refer to the recently opened exhibition “In the Heart of the Country.”


The program will commence with the concert of a legendary duo NIWEA (Wojtek Bąkowski and Dawid Szczęsny), who blend electronic sounds with introvert, poetic melodeclamation.


Each Thursday throughout the summer, popular journalists and publicists Max Cegielski, Sylwia Chutnik and Roman Kurkiewicz will converse with their guests about chosen plots and narratives in the exhibition in search of new references and articulations.


Friday is the film day. The audience will watch the exhibition artists’ films which have not yet been screened in museums, among others the full-length films by Laurel Nakadate and Abraham Cruzvillegas, as well as the exceptional documentary film about Sarah Lucas.


Saturdays and Sundays are the days of free of charge tours, performances, and family workshops. Tours in English are offered on Saturdays. Additionally, in July artists Zofia Kulik, Joanna Rajkowska and Leszek Knaflewski will work as tour guides.

In the very heart of the summer – at the end of July – a new version of the Museum’s Film Library is going to be presented. The inauguration event will feature DJ sets by King of Kong, Shareef and Sławek Belina.

A performance by the Berlin LA STAMPA – post-post-pop-punk collective that comprises art critics from the magazine Frieze – will be the pinnacle of the summer program.