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06:45 Hacklander / Hatam’s answer + 10:36 Hacklander / Hatam “pharmacopornographic”

Hatam / Hacklander – is the percussion and electronic music duo of Farahnaz Hatam and Colin Hacklander. Interested in rhythmic stability and its absence; sound as sculptural material; sound as a medium in which ideas are communicated; digital sound synthesis using SuperCollider; drums, and percussion. The duo create live concerts, theatre music, fixed media works and is involved in many collaborations. They are co-directors of N.K. Projekt in Berlin.
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13:18 Sean Bonney’s answer + 14:50 Sean Bonney reading „F**k the Police” poem

Sean Bonney – his recent books include Ghosts (Materials, 2017) and Letters Against the Firmament(Enitharmon, 2015), and a new collection Our Death will be published by Commune Editions in 2019. He has performed his work on demonstrations, at picket lines and in seminar rooms, has worked with musicians and film-makers, and his work has been published in Portugese and Norwegian translation. He is doing postdoctoral research at the FU, Berlin into how radical poets have responded to the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008, and is preparing monographs on the work of Diane di Prima and Amiri Baraka. He lives in Berlin.
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21:03 Sacha Kahir’s answer + 29:26 everything now „What is the sound of the border?”

Sacha Kahir – is an artist, filmmaker, writer, and performer whose work explores class, race, identity, and the ‘messianic’ potential of art and politics to overthrow the ‘seemingly’ natural order of things. Their practice has seen them work with numerous groups including ex-prisoners, AIDs activists, and refugees. Collaborating with a wide range of organisations, from established institutions like BBC Scotland to self-organised spaces like the Autonomous Centre Edinburgh and NK Berlin. They have also been involved in Welfare Rights activism in the UK for a number of years.
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44:35 Collective discussion on alt-right and left cultural production (incl. Sean Bonney, Colin Hacklander, Farahnaz Hatam, Sacha Kahir)

Presenters: Mattin, Paweł Nowożycki