Film screenings
of the Department of Presence 2020

  • Film screenings

Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw invites the public to the series of film screenings as part of the Department of Presence public program.

How should we name the epoch after the end of the world? Anthropocene? Capitalocene? Chthulucene? considering those different notions and theoretical propositions with the Department’s of Presence film screenings programme we want to create space for perspectives of other species that observe human’s activities and their consequences for the planet.

Authors of the selected movies give up human exceptionalism and individualism and ask the questions on the possibility of being-with and feeling-with together with non-human beings. They undermine our seemingly stable system of knowledge and beliefs, challenge the popular vision of “nature” and question the idea of the museum as a space of collecting and cataloguing experiences.

The Department’s film programme is developed in cooperation with HER Docs Film Festival. Thank you for the support to the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Poland, the Lithuanian Film Center and the Lithuanian Institute of Culture.

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