Film Award 2012

  • Film Award 2012

Anna Molska's “Mutantki [She-Mutants]” has been selected as the winner of the second edition of the Film Award, awarded by the Polish Film Institute and the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw in cooperation with the Wajda School and Canal+.

The jury members jointly emphasised the high quality of submitted projects. They also stressed that for the first time the competition included proposals from abroad sent in by acclaimed contemporary artists (Rirkrit Tiravanija). The projects were prepared with the goal of co-production with Poland. The shortlisted artists were: Tomasz Kozak, Karol Radziszewski, and Anna Molska.

In addition to awarding the film by Anna Molska, the jury decided to give a special mention to Tomasz Kozak for his project Akteon – an interesting example of philosophical cinema. All the institutions involved in the Film Award will support the artist in the production of his project.

Anna Molska's winning project is a tale of the absurd; it is the story of an extraordinary matriarchal community of elderly women, living away from civilisation. The film is set in contemporary rural Poland, focusing on the last days of this community and its inevitable clash with the modern world.

As it is stated in the film's synopsis: "These half-wild women exist in a structure of hierarchy that turns out to be their way of surviving in the difficult Polish reality. The sudden appearance of two young men in their daily routine completely distorts their life." In her project, Molska manifests a unique approach to the questions of feminism and the avant-garde tradition. The visual concept of the film is based largely on Molska's earlier experience in the field of video art, with a number of subtle references to contemporary art.

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