Museum under construction

The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw publishes books devoted to modern and contemporary art and – in broader terms – to significant phenomena of the contemporary culture.

In 2009, we inaugurated the book series entitled “The Museum under Construction”. The title of the series may be interpreted both literally (the Museum is under construction, its building at Plac Defilad in Warsaw is yet to be erected) and metaphorically – our publications co-create the process of construction of the guidelines of a modern institution of art. The leitmotif of the series reads as follows: “We are building a Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. We are writing a new history of art”. We publish titles connected with the Museum’s programme – our exhibitions, seminars and conferences. We published our first titles in bilingual versions, in Polish and in English, whereas the next ones are only published in English. The series is distributed by the University of Chicago Press and meets with considerable interest of foreign readers.

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