Kinomuzeum: Syria

  • Kinomuzeum: Syria

    Still from the movie "Haunted", dir. Liwaa Yazji

The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw and Against Gravity invite the public to attend a review of documentary films from Syria.

Syrian film is one of the most fertile artistic fields in exile since the outbreak of the revolution in Syria in 2011. The most popular film genre since the revolution is realistic cinema, particularly a wide range of independent, unique and politically engaged documentaries spreading knowledge of the occupied territories and especially stressing the fight for human rights, dignity and justice.

The interest in Syrian cinema is piqued by the residency of film director Reem Al-Ghazzi at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. Since June she has been working in Warsaw on her latest film, Iphigenia.

Kinomuzeum: Syria comprises showings of documentaries and discussions with film artists from Syria. The aim of the initiative is a deeper understanding of the Syrian conflict and the problems faced by people fleeing Syria.

Events from that cycle: