In framework stenographic record of the lecture, entitled "The Reflection on Sacral Architecture" (Tatra Museum, Zakopane 22.09.1990 - from the archive of the Władysław Hasior Gallery) Hasior draws attention to dignity, monumentality, solemnity and celebration appropriate to ancient architecture and difficult to achieve at present (he deliberates what values - material or spiritual - are demonstrated by churches). The function of the spiritual value is to be an emotional impact creating a proper mood - he will look for a similar one in commemorative concepts. He is interested in the form, pays attention to its consequences for the interior. He asks how to emphasise personification in churches with the form.

The set includes "Notatniki" ["Notebooks"]: "Dawna architektura" ["Ancient Architecture"] (063), "Architektura" ["Architecture"] (064, 298), "Modern Architektura" ["Modern Architecture"] (162, 336), "Architektura sakralna" ["Sacral Architecture"] (081, 139, 167, 297), "Modern sakralna" ["Modern Sacral"] (126), "Sakralna architektura skandynawska" ["Modern Scandinavian Architecture"] (151), "Modern kościoły" ["Modern Churches"] (044), "Piękne polskie kościoły" ["Beautiful Polish Churches"] (097), "Polskie kościoły" ["Polish Churches"] (135), "Szwedki szpital" ["Swedish Hospital"] (150), "Katedry i architektura niderlandzka" ["Dutch Cathedrals and Architecture"] (156), "Katedry, zamki Anglia" ["Cathedrals, Castles - England"] (161), "Modern architektura szwedzka" ["Modern Swedish Architecture"] (149), "Architektura Rzymu" ["Architecture of Rome"] (349), "Katedry francuskie" ["French Cathedrals"] (069), "Ronchamp" (370).