Matter Objects (1-50/130)

"The Anatomy of Expression. All that I photograph is often marked by a lowly puniness. This is an appearance. I observe sparks of expression – suffice to blow on it carefully for a fiery beauty intrinsic to every matter or object to be re-kindled.

Imagination and fancy ought to be trained. I have learnt it from my experience. No artist stores within them sufficient creative energy and has to be plugged to a ‘storage battery’ – which is my term for the Connection with all that can be noticed in the reach of our hand, sight, on a daily path. To notice the beauty of a lonely tree – to hear the pervasive quiet of a stone. To be able to frankly wonder at the variety of forms demonstrated to us by the matter of water and at the mysterious rationality seen in a crystal structure."

"The Photo Notebook, documenting facts of expression existing in nature, has been kept for 15 years [written in 1985]. It consists of some 350 photographs, which I have systematised by themes, demonstrating the material beauty of phenomena and their inherent expression. In <<The Notebook>>, I try to capture not only the biology of the human body, but also the biology of the tree; the intrusion of man-made forms into <<natural world>>, expression inherent in wet and granular forms. It is also noteworthy that <<every matter has its temperature>>, it is either cold or warm – which can be determined without even touching it".

Władysław Hasior for "Nowa Wieś" [New Village] magazine in 1983.

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