Water Stone Menhir Soil (1-50/250)

Władysław Hasior:

"The Matter of Water. Water has an elaborate facial movement, depending on the condition of its surroundings. It happens to be not only a fluid, but also gaseous matter, and there is also the frozen water, stony…

A helocrene is not a waterfall, it is not rapids – but please note how much energy flows through the word ‘rapids,’ and also – how much energy lies dormant in a quiet, sleepy lake. We may also speak of water in the stony state – frozen, of rainwater and water diffused in fog. There is such a wide variety of water matter, which usually occurs not only in the fluid state… and no one, or next to no one, notices it.

The daring pool of water falling. A swell at the bottom of a waterfall. I call it the wet fluff. I contrast the notion of the wet fluff by juxtaposing it with the dry fluff, as demonstrated by hay. At first sight, the two different forms of matter produce similar visual effect. If we look closer, however, we will notice the abundance of energy in the pool of rapidly falling water as compared to the peace and laziness of the scattered matter of hay. A tree fallen in water resembles a bathing crocodile. Here, the water is mossy, reminiscent of a delicate, fragile matter, full of inner, organic life.

The humility of granular matter. A characteristic feature of granular matter is the fact that it always settles in heaps enclosed by a soft line. The lines created in granular matter will never form right angles or break acutely. Here, the granularity of snow arranged in drifts. In the powdery snow matter one feels best – or even notices – the sleepiness of forms, their uncommon peace to be contrasted with the taut structure of steel wire fence. The sleepiness and peace do not exist in a cube of arranged wood or bricks. The forms emerging from granular matter contain silence, gentleness, a dreamy mood.

Soil is another example of granular matter, singularly yielding, willingly and easily accepting the imprints of human feet or vehicles leaving wheel-ruts.

It is a singularly humble matter, malleable to our will."

(Władysław Hasior's comments for „New Village”, illustrated weekly for the village youth, 1983-86)

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Pages: 1 2 3 4 5