Zbigniew Libera in Jerzy Truszkowski's uniform, 1987 (1-12/12)

Frames from a film registered in 1987, when Jerzy Truszkowski visited Libera during his time off the army. Wearing uniform borrowed from Truszkowski, Libera stands against his painting „Provocateur's metaphysics“. The painting depicts three characters, signed as „BAUDELAIRE DEMOKRACJAIRE SYFILISAIRE“, on canvas' top it says: „ZBYSZEK LIBERA LAST SNAPSHOTS FROM TE LIFE OF EUROPEAN INTELLIGENTSIA. LES DERNIERES SCENES DE LA VIE L'INTELLECTUELS EUROPEENS. LE METAPHYSIQUE DU PROVOCATEUR“. The character named as “Syfilisaire” is Zbigniew Libera's father.