A Handbook for Nurses, 1988. (1-2/2)

The work was made on the basis of the book “A Handbook for Nurses” which was almost certainly property of Libera's mother (nurse by education). To his work Libera used only the cover of the book, whose verso has been covered with red canvas, the recto was stockered with a photograph, made during the “Home performance”, depicting a dresser with medication.

In Libera's many works there's leitmotiv of medicine, nursing, medication (Home performance, Mystical perseveration). This theme is closely tightened to his mother, with whom the artist shared a deep emotional bond. Also, the importance of nurse, who is a lower caste of medical personnel, gains emacipation here, as nurses are those closest to the patient and his basic needs. Nurse's role grows in artist's eyes to the role of a guardian or even mother, and his own mother becomes somebody more important than just sheer parent.