Polish Performance Archive

Description by Filmoteka Muzeum

Technopera was an attempt to combine techno and opera. New, technological art and its “highest form”, or perhaps its most humanist articulation. That is why artists chose the subject of the libretto they wrote to be the relation between human and cyborg. Two characters talked about the changes in the modern world resulting from the appearance of new technologies. The main characters were an opera singer and a DJ. The libretto included not only music and songs, but also audiovisual samples taken mostly from science-fiction movies. Technopera originated from CUKT parties and rave events, but in some versions it was only a show to be watched and listened to, not an event you could actively participate in. Before entering Technopera, you were usually submitted to a “Cyborg Test” performed by CUKT.

Libretto: Dr Kudlatz & Peter Style.