Włodzimierz Borowski, Paweł Freisler, Jan Świdziński, 1st CLEANING OF ART, 1972 (1-10/10)

„Cleaning of Art” is the title of a two-day artistic event, which took place on 5 and 6 May 1972 in the Sigma Cultural Center and on the Small Courtyard of the Warsaw University. The masterminds were: Włodzimierz Borowski, Paweł Freisler and Jan Świdziński, by other members of the Organizational Committee: Marek Konieczny, Przemysław Kwiek, Anita Thierry and Krzysztof Zarębski. The framework of „Cleaning of Art” separate authors presentations took place, known due to a scrupulous record made by Anita Thierry.

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