Polish Performance Archive

Description by Filmoteka Muzeum

Film documentation of an action that accompanied an exhibition of humanoid female and male sculptures by Egon Fietke under the same title at the “Pstrąg” Theatre in Łódź in 1991. The piece addresses the questions of gender and the related cultural conditions as well as the role of women in a patriarchal society. The viewers witness a transformation of the most important Christian symbol: instead of a male figure, the cross features a woman – dominant and rubbed with blood of the surrounding male victims. As the artists suggest, chopping off the leashes/umbilical cords that connect the female figure “lyyying” on the cross with the male ends of the cross can be interpreted as a symbolic liberation of female energy from the patriarchal system. The deposition and removal of the figure means liberating her from the cult of death present in contemporary Christianity.

One of the cult actions in the history of Wspólnota Leeeżeć (The Lyyying Community), it nevertheless belongs to a relatively poorly described “heroic period” (pieces mainly from the first half of the 1990s, such as Taxi and Lock Mandela Oop [Zamknonć Mandele]).

Wspólnota Leeeżeć comprising: Joanna Raszewska vel Aśka Monster, Andrzej Miastkowski vel Egon Fietke, Marek Diehl, sound: Egon Fietke