Polish Performance Archive

Description by Filmoteka Muzeum

Footage of Marek Rogulski's artistic intervention Tunnelling from 2015. The artist's activity accompanied the exhibition Autodestrucción6: Chichimecachubo: Matzerath@S13 by Abraham Cruzvillegas at the Gdańsk City Gallery, curated by Patrycja Ryłko.

The artist described his action: “Developing the concept of ART READY, formulated two years ago, which consists in operating with entire formations of meaning, I wanted Tunnelling to become a procedure conducted on thus understood conceptual value represented by Abraham Cruzvillegas' installation. Is it possible to go a step further by laying bare the very process of thinking about art? By veiling some of the components of the installation, rendering them invisible (in the sense of the immediate possibility of seeing them) – I would like to confront the practice of 'local contextuality' with my postulated 'abstract contextuality' (ART READY). An activity on a certain conceptual whole refers here to a multi-dimensional peculiarity – to the 'black hole' phenomenon, which is applied here towards an intellectual process. The point is not merely to symbolically veil certain aspects of social communication (regardless of whether they are understood or not), but to shift the focus of attention to a different dimension of reality – the microscopic, internal, energetic aspect of processuality. In the act of 'reading the undisclosed' I will tap into musical instruments, which will serve as the medium of Tunnelling.”

Quoted from: www.ggm.gda.pl