Polish Performance Archive

Description by Filmoteka Muzeum

Performance footage of Marek Rogulski's Tractus from 1996, held at the Spichrz 7 Gallery in Gdańsk.

Rogulski's performance revolves around the idea of hermetic, transformic and sacramental art, which jointly form the artist's concept of “super-art.” The action refers to the evolution of mankind. The ape costume provides the possibility to materialise the idea of incarnation. The artist transforms his physical form, whereas the space between the body and the armour witnesses a complete merger. The change and the accompanying transformation of energy depict the evolution of cognitive structures, and therefore the evolution of homo sapiens.

Quoted from: Marek Rogulski, Poza Postmodernizm w kontekście współczesnej metodologii artystycznej, Gdańsk, 2016.