Polish Performance Archive

Description by Filmoteka Muzeum

Performance footage of Marek Rogulski's Totaliser – Taming the Sculpture from 2009, which took place within the exhibition Recon Soldier – Project beyond Postmodernism. Re: Re: reconstruction at the CCA Łaźnia in Gdańsk.

Rogulski built a four-metre device made of metal parts and sculptural models of the skull and tusks of a mammoth. The entire structure was based on a revolving axis and equipped with a motor engine. During the exhibition opening, the artist climbed the top of the machine. The possibility to control the device decreased in the course of time. What began as a ride changed into a struggle for keeping control of an extremely heavy installation.

The artist explains the presence of the sculptural remnants of a mammoth through the prism of his willingness to introduce the context of pre-history and evolution as well as reconstruction and scientific research. The artist views Totaliser as an experience of raising awareness of the energetic body. As Rogulski explains, the design of the machine was to reveal the relations between the human organism as well as the physical and cultural environment in order to depict them in their “energetic” aspect.

The artist also explains that the machine compels two types of action: an utter engagement and tight collaboration between the mind and the body: “submitting” oneself and opening up to the reactions of the “energetic body”, while maintaining self-control necessary to survive and act effectively.