Polish Performance Archive

Description by Filmoteka Muzeum

Documentation of the Marek Rogulski's graduation exam in the field of intermedia. The artist received his diploma in 1990 from the Faculty of Painting at the State Higher School of Visual Arts (PWSSP) in Gdańsk.

The installation Magnetic Fields was a collage of a variety of forms and techniques that concentrated on the themes of perception and energy. The written part of the MA Thesis was titled Marcel Duchamp's Ready-made as a New Unit of Thinking. The graduation exam was accompanied by the first and only concert of the band Ziemia Mindel Würm, which comprised Rogulski and Piotr Wyrzykowski.

The artist highlights the mutual dependencies that exist between the description of the world which we create through culture and the potential and limitations of our perception, which were conditioned during the evolution of mankind. Rogulski encouraged submission to the pressure of experience during our encounters with art in order to gain access to one's own interpretations. Artistic activity was Rogulski's way of reaching the layers of consciousness and energy that are characteristic of a variety of points of view.

The artist notes that the linear narrative of art history is merely a general description of transformations in art, which is developed form a certain viewpoint, while artists and viewers in different historical epochs had access to various degrees of understanding and self-awareness. The ultimate goal is an emancipated self-awareness, which is capable of objectivisation and investigation into the language of art and one's own conditions. Rogulski remarked that art may be identical to life understood as a process of broadening one's awareness.

Reference: Marek Rogulski, Poza Postmodernizm w kontekście współczesnej metodologii artystycznej, Gdańsk, 2016; Marek Rogulski in conversation with Krzysztof Jurecki about art, video and photography (www.tns.art.pl).