Polish Performance Archive

Description by Filmoteka Muzeum

Blog is a video portrait of the daily life of a young artist who cares more about music videos, cartoons and the TV show Jackass than about real life problems. The girl in her twenties, jaded and bored with everything, causes strange things to happen during her attempts to make her life easier, more complicated and more diverse to the maximum. She imitates characters from cartoons, immerses herself in colours taken from music videos and overuses a You Tube-style sense of humour. In an entertainment-driven rush to document her flights of fantasy in bulk she becomes entrapped by the very reality that she wants to escape so much. When she sticks her head into a hollow, pretending that she cannot take it out, simulation suddenly turns into reality... Provocation causes reaction. Creation entails materialisation. A Jackass fan becomes a protagonist of the show. Art becomes a way to generate episodes from the artist's own life.

(note courtesy of the artist)