Polish Performance Archive

Description by Filmoteka Muzeum

Instead of the announced performance, Poetisation of Pragmatics, KwieKulik decided, after they had sent out the invitations, to make an action called Equivalent in Money. When the visitors arrived, in place of the artists they found Paweł Kwiek with a bundle of banknotes. He offered financial compensation ‘for the lack of art’. Everyone who came to the gallery received a fifty zloty or hundred zloty note. The entire action, which sought to investigate real and symbolic economies, and the bestowed viewers’ response, was filmed by Zbigniew Libera. Financial compensation was a practice of the Communal Trading Cooperative in Łomianki, where KwieKulik lived. This shop provided the neighbourhood with coke for the winter. Lacking coke in stock, the communal authorities disbursed monetary compensation to the inhabitants. A year later, KwieKulik performed Poetisation of Pragmatics at Franklin Furnace in New York.