Polish Performance Archive

Description by Filmoteka Muzeum

Discussions during a meeting of the Young Creative Workshop led to a split between the participants. Kwiek intervened in this situation, suggesting to postpone the conversation until the following day and to hold it outdoors. His intention to replace words with visual communication resulted in a performed battle of ‘visual tactics’. Two teams were formed, the Blacks and the Whites, later joined by the Reds, who came in unexpectedly. The players had 1.5-metre long sticks, a piece of white canvas approximately 1.5-metre long, and red canvas. While one team was making a ‘move’, the other was watching and subsequently had to respond to it. The players made 14 ‘moves’ in three hours.

The Whites: O. Hansen, P. Kwiek, Z. Kulik, W. Dziekański, J. Byczewski, Cz. Tumielewicz, J. Niedbał
The Blacks: G. Kowalski, J. Wojciechowski, B. Falender, W. Gutt, Z. Mrozek
The Reds: J. Robakowski, K. Różycki, ed. Wasilewski, W. Antczak, W. Bruszewski, A. Wiśniewski, W. Leszczyński, R. Sokołowska

Documenters: Paweł Kwiek (slides), Jacek Łomnicki (b/w photographs), Marian Rumin (text)