August Zamoyski, studio in Saint-Clar-de-Riviere (1-50/225)

August Zamoyski (1893-1970) was a sculptor who in the years 1919-1922 belonged to the Formiści group. The influence of the group was highly visible in his works up until the end of the 1920s when he turned to studies of nature and Classicism. Since his departure from Poland in 1924, he stayed in Paris (1924-1940), Brazil (1940-1955), again in Paris and in a small town near Toulouse called Saint-Clar-de-Riviere (1955-1970). Works from the last twenty years of his life were sculptures of religious nature in which he used very expressive forms.

In 1968 Kossakowski got an offer from August Zamoyski to collaborate on a sculpture catalogue. He went to Zamoyski's home studio in Saint-Clar-de-Riviere, where he spent several months taking pictures of sculptures. The result of Kossakowski’s work were 600 picture negatives of sculptures photographed in both the studio and outdoors. He often searched for abstract frames, used low-angle shots and took the same shot numerous times with different levels of sharpness. The photographs were featured in the catalogue of Zamoyski's sculptures that was published by the Arkady publishing company in 1974.

Kossakowski photographed sculptures on a number of occassions. In 1967 he took part in an exhibition entitled Rzeźba Polska w fotografice (Polish sculpture in photography). Later on he also took pictures of Le Corbusier's sculptures for an album that was published in Paris in 1984.

(J. Jenger, F. De Franclieu red., Le Corbusier, sculptures, Paris, 1984)

(See: Zofia Kossakowska-Szanajca, August Zamoyski, Warszawa 1974.)

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