Shall We Dance? (Like It’s No Body’s Business)
A meeting with Rasha Salti

  • Shall We Dance? (Like It’s No Body’s Business)

    Ali Cherri, Pipe Dreams, 2011 video installation, 5'00'' cm courtesy of the artist and Gallery Imane Farès

Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw invites you to a meeting with Rasha Salti, an art curator and critic from Liban.

Tunisia: the jury is still out. Egypt: counter-revolution.Yemen, Libya, Syria: armed conflict/civil war/international intervention. Bahrain: severe repression. For the past two years, this is the Arab Spring in the news. Did this so-called spring generate a new form of politics, a new political conscience, a politics of action? A new subjectivity? Looking at a variety of documents, anecdotes, video records and other artistic/symbolic actions, Shall We Dance? (Like It’s No Body’s Business) will retrace the reconstitution of a body politic and subjectivity through the body in the framework of these insurgencies.

Rasha Salti is a researcher, writer, curator and film programmer living in Beirut, Lebanon. 

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