“Record” – of what?
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  • “Record” – of what?

    Zofia Rydet, from the series "Sociological Record", 1978-1990, courtesy of Zofia Rydet Foundation

The exhibition of Zofia Rydet's photographs is titled “Record” - despite the fact that the full name of the project is “Sociological Record”. What has been “recorded”?

In the course of the meeting we will try to create a list of keywords that interpret and bring order to the presented material. The final list will be compared to the curator's concept to look for correspondences and differences.

The meeting will be led by Daniel Woźniak - absolwent wydziału Fine Art Uniwersytetu Wolverhampton. Jego głównym polem zainteresowania jest relacja między sztuką a życiem społecznym i polityką. 

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