Guided tour in Polish
Through the "Radical Pedagogies" exhibition

  • Guided tour in Polish

    Opening of the "Radical Pedagogies" exhibition at the Faculty of Architecture of the Warsaw University of Technology. Photo by Bartosz Stawiarski

The Faculty of Architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology and the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw invite to the last guided tour at the "Radical Pedagogies" exhibition.

“Radical Pedagogies” is an ongoing multi-year collaborative research project led by Beatriz Colomina with a team of Ph.D. students of the School of Architecture at Princeton University. It has so far involved three years of seminars, interviews, archival research, guest lectures and almost 80 contributors from more than two dozen countries. In this, and similar research projects conducted by the Ph.D. program at Princeton, architecture history and theory are taught and practiced as an experiment in and of themselves, exploring the potential for collaboration — in what is often taught to be a field of individual endeavor.

Coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the Warsaw Faculty of Architecture, the installation in the exhibition pavilion of the school presents an “open archive” of 74 case studies that encourages debate regarding the history and future of architectural pedagogy. Conceived as an interactive platform, the exhibition incorporates take-away texts, facsimiles, original publications and teaching documents, archival films, and implements interactive features through augmented reality.

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