Anything Cant Happen
Cara Benedetto

  • Anything Cant Happen

    Cara Benedetto “Anything Cant Happen” 2016 ©Cara Benedetto

The Museum of Modern Art In Warsaw invites you to the performance by American artist Cara Benedetto on Friday, September 23. RSVP is required.*

"Anything Can’t Happen" is an anti-climax unevent on Friday, September 23rd, with performances that play with language and erotic encounters.

To attend the event you must be a self-identified woman or transperson, or invited by a woman or transperson.* The artist is an erotic writer, and will also hold casual performances on September 21 and 22, where members of the audience are welcome to join in conversation and activity.

The work has come to center on the interrelation between feminism, language and ethics. Precarious language and subjects highlight the vulnerability necessary to engage in a critique of the self as well as larger systems of power. The voices consider one another in order to support between women exchanges and becoming woman as subjectivity formation.

The labors of women, namely sex workers, are discrete and ignored under capitalism. Capitalism requires the use of all spaces, both material and imaginary, in the name of progress. Various devices have been invented to track human progress, to provide the proof that progress is real, but in capitalism, progress has proved to be a game of comparative debt.

Throughout history women philosophers have claimed that the starving body must be read as a social-text, an instrument of struggle for self-empowerment. Under this claim performers, paid the salary of sex workers, will search, track, and measure their relative losses through the use of calendars, pedometers, writings, speech acts, lovers, money, and other exchanges that promote loss, or diminishing returns.


Participation and performance by:

Soft lips and Hard prompts by Edyta Jarząb, Mia Von Matt, Helena Malewska, Barbara Klicka, Anna Zaradny, Iga Winczakiewicz, Małgorzata Głuchowska, Monika Krawiecka, Monika Andryszek and more
Shredding skin with Maldoror
Spa technology by Robert M. Ochshorn
Toasts, notes, and quotes by Monika Szczukowska, Wiktor Dynarski (president of Trans-Fuzja Foundation), Joanna Ostrowska, and more

Translation by: Katarzyna Makaruk

Trans-Fuzja Foundation: partner in changing language that empowers new ways of understanding one another in love.

* RSVP opens September 5, 2016 and is limited to 150 persons. To RSVP you must be a self-identified woman or transperson or invited by a woman or transperson. Please indicate how you identify, and if you were invited by whom you were invited. Please RSVP to 


Cara Benedetto

(born 1979) is a visual artist and writer. Her work has been shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland, Ohio; Night Gallery in Los Angeles; Chapter NY, New York; Young Art Gallery, Los Angeles; Taxter and Spengemann, New York; and Metro Pictures in New York, among other venues. This fall she will participate in another edition of “Take Me (I’m Yours)”, curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist at the Jewish Museum in New York. Her recent books include “Burning Blue” published in 2015 by Badlands Unlimited in its series "New Lovers", and an experimental romance novel “The Coming of Age” (2014). She is the editor of “Contemporary Print Handbook”, a printmaking textbook for Universities, to be published this summer. Her writing has been published with Badlands, C Magazine, Sleek Magazine, Area Sneaks, Qui Parle, The Third Rail, and Halmos. Benedetto was a 2013-2015 fellow at Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart. She was the recipient of the Rema Hort Mann Emerging Artist Grant in 2014. She holds an MFA from Columbia University in New York. She lives in Richmond, Virginia (USA), where she is an Assistant Professor in print media at Virginia Commonwealth University.

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