Bródno Sculpture Park. Chapter 8
Burghers of Bródno

  • Bródno Sculpture Park. Chapter 8

    Paweł Althamer, „Raj”, 2009, photo by Jan Smaga (fragment)

As part of the 8th edition of the Sculpture Park, Bródno residents will create a self-portrait to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the area becoming a part of Warsaw.

Bródno is one of the most ethnically and socially diverse neighborhoods of Warsaw. The figures, which will be joined to create a bronze cast portrait of “The Burghers of Bródno” (the title being a reference to Auguste Rodin's famous sculpture), will be created during a series of sculpture workshops taking part in the refugee center, the University of the Third Age, the Umbra workshop, a local gym and fitness club, the Teahouse, the Targówek District Council and a church.

This edition will focus on the body - the physicality of Bródno residents. That is why these activities will result in a figurative sculpture on the one hand, and performance activities on the other - sport, dance and cooking. The project will include a football tournament of the Etnoliga mixed teams and a culinary picnic organized in cooperation with local restaurants and bars. Workshops and performances by contemporary artists and choreographers, which will engage local dance groups and sports clubs, will show the living corporeality of today's “burghers”, and the final sculpture will become its memorial.

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DzieńGodzinaNazwa wydarzeniaMiejsce wydarzenia
14:00 Performance Burghers of BródnoPerformances by Nik Kosmas, Helga Wretman & Marta Ziółek Bródno Sculpture Park
Kondratowicza/Chodecka, Warsaw
19:45 Lecture Use it again Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
ul. Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 37/39, Warsaw
18:00 Lecture THE AVANT-GARDE AT THE REMAND CENTER Remand Centre Warszawa-Grochów
Chłopickiego 71a, Warsaw
10:00 GARDENERS IN PARADISEArtwork reconstruction Bródno Sculpture Park
Kondratowicza/Chodecka, Warsaw
12:00 Event Bródno Sculpture Park. Chapter 9Use it again Bródno Park
Kondratowicza/Chodecka, Warsaw
17:00 Meeting WHERE WILL THE BURGHERS OF BRÓDNO STAND?Meeting Bródno Sculpture Park
Kondratowicza/Chodecka, Warsaw
12:00 Meeting RECONSTRUCTION GROUPMeeting no. 1 MUSEUM on the Vistula
Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 22 (Skwer Kpt. S. Skibniewskiego "Cubryny"), Warsaw
Kondratowicza/Chodecka, Warsaw
18:00 Lecture FLYING UNIVERSITY AT THE SCULPTURE PARKTeahouse Park Rzeźby na Bródnie, Domek herbaciany
Kondratowicza/Chodecka, Warsaw