Finissage of "Private Settings" exhibition
With PC Music and Hackerspace Warsaw

  • Finissage of \

    "Doves" by Felicita. Courtesy of the artist

On the last day of the exhibition „Private Settings. Art after the Internet” we invite you to a marathon of art and music in the spirit of two polar aesthetics and philosophies: hacker culture and sugar-coated accelerationism.


16:00 CryptoParty with Hackerspace Warsaw

CryptoParty is a grassroots global endeavour introducing the basics of practical cryptography and the fundamental concepts of their operation to the general public. Accompanied by Hackerspace Warsaw we will learn about the realms of computer and Internet security and train the basic crypto tools. The audience is encouraged to bring their own computers or pen-drives.

17:30 Subjective exhibition tour in the company of Edwin Bendyk

19:00 DISown Pop-up store

with a selection of apparel infused with corporate aesthetic specially designed by DIS

19:30 Bubble party with PC Music

Pink strobe light, soap bubbles and experimental dance pop by the representatives of a London-based collective PC Music: Felicita, Kane West and Dj Finn Diesel (also know as the music editor of DIS Magazine)

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