Thursday Guided Tour in Russian
По четвергам туры с экскурсоводом на русском языке

  • Thursday Guided Tour in Russian

    "Maria Bartuszová. Provisional Forms", view of the exhibition, photo by B. Stawiarski

Музей Современного Искусства в Варшаве приглашает вас посетить текущие выставки с экскурсоводом.

Музей Современного Искусства в Варшаве - это новое место на карте культурных достопримечательностей Варшавы. Расположенный в самом центре города (недалеко от Дворца Культуры и Науки, а так же Центрального железнодорожного вокзала) в модернистическом здании бывшего мебельного магазина "Эмилия", построенном в 1960-1970 годах, Музей предлагает возможность ознакомиться с польским и зарубежным современным искусством.

Музей предлагает обзорные экскурсии на четырех языках: английском, французском, польском и русском.

Запись на обзорные групповые экскурсии осуществляется по электронной почте:

Регулярные экскурсии на английском языке для индивидуальных посетителей проводятся в каждую субботу в 14:00.

После посещения выставок вы можете отдохнуть за чашечкой ароматного кофе в кафе музея "eMeSeN", а так же посетить наш книжный магазин "BOOKOFF”.

The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw invites you to discover its current exhibitions on a guided tour

The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw is a new venue on the map of cultural attractions in the Poland’s capital. Located in the very center of Warsaw (close to the Palace of Culture and Sciences, walking distance from the Central Railway Station) in a modernist building (1960-1970) of a former furniture store ‘Emilia’, the Museum offers an opportunity to explore Polish and foreign modern and contemporary art.


The exhibition „Maria Bartuszová. Provisional forms” is an attempt to write a history that has never been written. Maria Bartuszová has been, so far, a little known Slovak sculptor, revealed to the general public in 2007 during Documenta 12 in Kassel. The exhibition presents the effort of seeking a new language of expression and innovative uses of material.

The exhibition "Private Settings. Art After the Internet" attempts to answer the question how does the rampant technological progress and our daily contact with media shape the experience of identity and social interaction? The exhibition presents the perspective of the generation of artists born in the 1980s and 1990s, who entered the artistic scene amid the dynamic expansion of the Internet and mass digital culture.

"Architektura-Murator"’s Collection for The Museum of Modern Art is a unique exhibition devoted to the Polish contemporary architecture. The event will be organised by "Architektura-Murator" monthly magazine in celebration of its twentieth anniversary. Mock-ups of 25 distinguished post-1989 architectural realizations presented on the exhibition will be then donated to expand the Museum's collection.

For guided tours for groups, please register at

Regular guided tours in English for individual visitors are organised every saturday at 2 p.m.

After the visit you can relax over a delicious cup of coffee at the Museum’s café and bakery eMeSeN and search for treasures on the shelves of our bookstore BOOKOFF.

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