12th edition of the Etonliga football tournament
in the Bródno Sculpture Park

  • 12th edition of the Etonliga football tournament

The Foundation for Freedom, the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw and the Targówek city district are happy to invite you to the Bródno Sculpture Park for the 12th edition of the Etnoliga football tournament.

Skin color, sexual orientation or religion don't count on the football field. What counts is speed, passes and kicks. You can see that for yourself at the multicultural football tournament that kicks off on July 16th at the Bródno Sculpture Park.

“Today we hear a lot about the crisis of the multicultural policy. Etnoliga shows how this policy can be introduced effectively, how you can build common values and connections between people raised in different cultures. Sport lets us spread some good energy, but also fight discrimination in sport itself - in access to infrastructure, in sports fan culture, in the media. The same things apply to gender equality. Women's football is just being discovered in Poland, while girls have been playing at Etnoliga since its very beginning. The only difference is that back then, there were a few of them, and now there are a few dozen. Football is a passion that connects people, and the field is like a sports agora. That's why this project is managed in a democratic manner, and our activities are not limited to the game itself. Etnoliga could be called an urban experiment. It's also a mobile one - we move to a different city district every season and encourage local communities to have fun and meet in an interesting way”.
Krzysztof Jarymowicz, project coordinator.

This time the league will come to the football field in Bródno Park and become part of the 8th edition of Sculpture Park, titled “Burghers of Bródno”, which will culminate in the presentation of a self-portrait sculpture of the neighborhood's residents. Bródno is an ethnically diverse area where physical culture is an important part of many of the residents’ lives.

Etnoliga is composed of teams of 8 to 12 amateur adult (16+) players. Each team has to include at least three men and three women, and players of no less than three different nationalities. Every team hosts one round, during which it prepares presentations. The tournament also includes anti-discrimination workshops. The organizers provide technical, referee and medical assistance.


8 consecutive Saturdays from July 16th to September 3rd, 2016, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Download The timetable of the 12th edition of Etnologia (PDF)

Bródno Park, Wyszogrodzka 11, Warsaw-Targówek, football field has an artificial surface and handball-type goals (2x3 m).

How to get there?

Buses no. 114, 126 (Wyszogrodzka street), 145, 169, 227, 732 (Kondratowicza street).

Trams no. 1, 3, 4, 25, 41 (Rembielińska street).

Tournament system

Round robin tournament (everyone plays everyone) or mixed league-cup tournament (depending on the number of teams).


Participation in Etnoliga is free.

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