People on the autism spectrum

Exhibitions at the Museum on the Vistula feature sound work and can be noisy. Every Tuesday from 3 to 5 p.m. there are “quiet hours” apply, no events are organised and intense sounds and lights are turned off.

A guide to prepare for your visit to the Museum (Guide to the Museum on the Vistula) and a layout of the Museum building (Layout of the Museum on the Vistula) can be downloaded from the website.

Exhibitions at the Museum on the Vistula include meetings for adults and families. Care is taken to provide an environment in which people on the autism spectrum feel comfortable. The meetings are combined with a tour of the exhibition. It is also possible to organise additional guided tours and workshops for organised groups.
Upon prior notification (at least five days in advance), it is possible to adapt all activities organised at the Museum to the child’s individual needs. Requests can be sent to the following email address: or by contacting the accessibility coordinator, Anna Zdzieborska at 577-006-290.

The Reading Images project website offers descriptions of selected works from the Museum's collection in easy-to-read text.