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Far too many mermaids to fit into so small a box

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    Arnold Böcklin, "Play of the Nereides", 1886, Kunstmuseum Basel

In celebration of the opening of our new space #muzeumnadwisla and the premier exhibition “The Beguiling Siren Is Thy Crest,” we begin 25 days of #sirenrising on our instagram @msn_warszawa: zeroing in on the global compendium of silver-scaled, forked-tailed, bird-nosed, spliced-headed peoples of the deep.

Presented here: Swiss symbolist Arnold Böcklin’s "Play of the Nereides" of 1886.
The exhibition opens on March 25th at 12h00.

The title of the cycle was ispired by the Lawrence Weiner’s work “Far too many things to fit into so small a box” which used to adorn the façade of the Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw, while the hashtag #sirenrising comes from the title of the 2004 biography of PJ Harvey, the true siren of today’s rock scene.


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