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Dear friends, Once again, we are raising funds to respond to the call for help we received. Russia uses winter as a weapon, terrorizing the people of Ukraine in order to deprive them of hope. But the darkness will never defeat the light - no one can extinguish neither the warmth nor the strength we have together.

Recent months have shown us that massive rocket attacks on Ukrainian territory are aimed at devastation of energy infrastructure. In Ukraine, there are practically no undamaged power or heating plants, transmission lines or junction stations. More than 17 regions were left without power after the last russian shelling, telephone and Internet communications also fell. As a result of the blackout, almost the entire country was isolated from the rest of the world – further proof that russia is a terrorist state. Although Ukrainians bravely, in the darkness and winter, repair the effects of bombing, such attacks will certainly be repeated. In light of these tragic events, we must prepare ourselves to get through this winter together!

We are opening our fund-raiser to support our friends and hospitals with whom we have been working since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. Thanks to many of you, we were able to send an incredible amount of humanitarian aid to war-torn Ukraine. Medicines, tactical food and medical equipment were distributed to hospitals and those in need. After each transport, we received confirmation and photos of the goods safely delivered to those in need.

Together, as a collective, the Solidary Community Center “Sundflower”, MAłgosia Braunek Foundation “Bądź”, Blyzkist, and MANY friends, we have sent to Ukraine support worth more than 600 000 zlotys. The detailed report on the transports in POlish, English and Ukrainian is available here:

Due to our special bond with medical care, based on the list of needs we recently received, we decided to raise money for the purchase of units, warmers, dressings, bandages, warm clothes and other things needed at the front on an ongoing basis. We can all imagine the consequences of turning off electricity and heating in hospitals. We must act.

We accept donation through the portal
or directly to Małgosia Braunek Foundation “Bądź” via PayPal or transfer titled “Ukraina”:

69 1090 1870 0000 0001 5032 4816

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