• Paweł Althamer,  Grupa Nowolipie, Sylwia, 2010

Sylwia is a result of cooperation of Paweł Althamer and Nowolipie group – for over fifteen years, the artist has been running the ceramic workshops with the group of people suffering from sclerosis multiplex, for whom the art is a form of therapy and rehabilitation. Together with Paweł Althamer, the group created the park fountain in form of Sylwia – a woman with snakelike hair lying in the water. Each part of Chimera was designed by different member of the group. The sculpture, which is weighing four tons, was made of bronze and installed in the water reservoir at The Garden of Eden.


Year: 2010
Medium: sculpture - bronze cast, the facility installed in the water reservoir, it functions as the fountain
Format: 325×100×70 cm

Acquisition: gift
Ownership form: collection
Source: Paweł Althamer
Index: MSN: 4300-28/2011
Acquisition date:

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