Renate Lorenz (born 1963)

The works by the duet, Pauline Boudry and Renate Lorenz (born 1972 in Lausanne and in 1963 in Berlin, respectively) are multi-layered to-camera performances usually recorded with a 16 mm camera. Their subject matter is founded in the revision of materials from the past including, in particular, photographs and films, which bring to light the daily forgotten, unprecedented queer moments in the history. Most of the works are focused on the revealing of the history of discourses and practice concerning biological sex and cultural gender, as well as on analyses of the notion of visibility from early modernism until now. They show how stageability and visibility of the anomalous become the function of empowerment, glamour and recognition on the one hand and devaluation, pathologization and criminalization on the other. 

Artist's works in the Collection