Filmoteka Muzeum

A film devoted to the once famous hairdressing salon run in Gdańsk by Adolf Skokowski in 35 Biskupia St. Operating continuously since 1945, the salon gained renown by specialising in “steam perm”, with sixty such hairstyles given daily in its heyday.

Zborowska revealed in an interview that the idea to make a film about Skokowski’s salon was inspired by her fascination with the space of that venue, which the artist happened to come across online. Despite concentrating on a cult salon, Zborowska’s intention was far from creating a documentary film with memories of the venue’s history and its owner. Instead, she treats the salon interior as a place that witnesses women’s transformation and activates their fantasies. Events at the salon are interrupted with brief sequences shot by the seaside which portray women changed after getting a “steam perm”.

At a certain point, the salon changes into a dance party scenery with a dance leader. Such a sudden transformation of characters and spaces – cladding them in an imaginary costume – is a characteristic element of Zborowska’s films. In this case, it is additionally enhanced by the “magic” of the salon as a venue at the heart of a community of faithful clients.

The salon closed down one year after the film was completed; the owner retired at the age of 91.


Year: 2010
Duration: 30'08"
Language: Polish (english subtitles)

© Julia Zborowska