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Europe II by Piotr Zarębski is his own reconstruction of the lost poetic film work by Franciszka and Stefan Themerson, who made Europe in 1931–1932 on the basis of Anatol Stern’s poem under the same title.

The silent film of the Themersons, whose screenings began with reading out the poem, presents the content of the piece in simple images and through the lens of various film techniques (reverse time-lapse images, negatives, positives, archival images, object animations, multiple exposure, photograms and drawings).

The preserved storyboard, photograms and the authors’ memories provided Piotr Zarębski with the basis for the reconstruction of the lost film, which he achieved by editing the original material together with new and adding sound.

References: M. Giżycki, Awangarda wobec kina. Film w kręgu polskiej awangardy artystycznej dwudziestolecia międzywojennego, Warsaw 1996; Stefan i Franciszka Themerson. Poszukiwania wizualne, exhibition catalogue, Łódź 1981.



Year: 1988
Duration: 14'25''
Language: Polish
Source: 35 mm

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