Filmoteka Muzeum

performance, Focus Łodź Biennale, September 2010; in collaboration with Anna Szwajgier and Artur Zagajewski.

The performance's aim was to spread a symphonic piece throughout the space of the main street in Lodz - Piotrkowska, the city's most recognizable symbol. Artur Zagajewski's Unhum, originally thought to be performed in the city's philharmonic hall, and was recomposed accordingly to this specific situation and the site's acoustics.  Location of individual instruments was dictated both by the acoustics, as well as availability of flats/offices from where musicians played. Sounds coming from within the street: actions of performers and accidental passers-by functioned as a counterpoint to the defined structure of the symphonic piece.

"I was in awe before this beautiful performance which took place along one hundred meters of the legendary Piotrkowska Street. Lodz composer Artur Zagajewski stood with his easel in the middle of this cobblestone street to plunge into the vehement direction of a number of musicians located at different points of both of the sidewalks, as well as in the upper windows of the diverse homes. In this way, while he swayed his arms in grandiloquent gestures to be perceived from a distance, a beautiful flute played at 14 Piotrkowska Street while the violin sounded from the 3rd floor of 27 Piotrkowska Street, among others."

(text: Victoria Noorthoorn, Artforum, December 2010;

Year: 2010
Duration: 3'49"
Language: Polish
Source: HD video

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