Filmoteka Muzeum

The choreographic performance The Museum Theatre is yet another project by Zorka Wollny that investigates the oppressive character of space and the way the individual interacts with the surrounding space. The work unfolds in the space of the Abteinberg Museum in Mönchengladbach.

Alongside Anna Szwajgier, Magda Przybysz and a group of 19 volunteers, Wollny depicts the daily life of the museum. The portrait she creates is accompanied by a complex sound composition and gestures exchanged between the artist, the museum and the viewer.

Drawing on her observations of the way people behave and move while viewing art, the artist highlights a certain ritual appeal of behaviour in the symbolically-charged museum space. Embracing the unusual architecture and acoustic conditions, Wollny portrays an institution as a complex mechanism that operates according to its own set of rules.


Year: 2012
Duration: 19'10"
Language: german

© Zorka Wollny

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