Filmoteka Muzeum

Installation - labyrinth with five video works, Follow the White Rabbit – exhibition for kids, Bunkier Sztuki, Cracow 2010.

Zorka Wollny will take you on a journey to the realm of stories and fairy tales, in which you will have to take on adult challenges, undertake a journey alone, make a choice, solve a riddle, conquer fear, accept a piece of advice and experience loss. A run of five interiors to traverse alone will replicate the stages of initiation marking the passing from childhood to adulthood. Objects will appear which are familiar from fairy tales such as keys, mirrors, doors and mysterious plants, which will help you to identify with fairy tale heroes.

performed by Natalia Grzesiak

architecture: Jacek Paździor, Bartek Mucha

(; excerpt from the exhibition guide)


Year: 2010
Duration: 2'27
Language: no language
Source: HD video

© Zorka Wollny

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