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The artist began the action by vacuuming one part of the galley – the white wall with mats hung on it and the floor. Then he tipped the collected dust and weighed it with laboratory scales. Next, he put it back where he’d taken it from. Warpechowski did not mention the result of the measure. For the essence of action was not in determining the weight of the dust, but in revealing what had hitherto been invisible. Theoretically, we all realise that our environment is covered with dust, but it is only the action of collecting and weighing it that makes us aware of its actual physical presence.

Demonstrating the invisible layer that covers reality, Warpechowski also seems to reveal the metaphorical dust, i.e. the ideological, formal and discursive sediment that covers our lives, attitudes and emotions. Often do we forget about it and the impact it has on us, which we realise only when it finds its measurable expression or changes our lives, sometimes against our will.

Opis na podstawie: Z. Warpechowski, Zasobnik. Autorski opis trzydziestu lat drogi życia poprzez sztukę performance, Gdańsk 1998.


Year: 1993
Duration: 8'13''
Language: English
Place: Koszalin
Source: VHS

© Zbigniew Warpechowski

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