Filmoteka Muzeum

The artist formed in the mid-1980s an artistic commune (alongside Zbigniew Libera, Barbara Konopka and Jacek Rydecki), whose participants led an intensive 'colourful' life as a means of protest against the existential ugliness and stagnation in Poland under martial law. It is worth highlighting that Truszkowski belonged to the so-called lost generation of the 1980s – generation who happened to live the most creative years of their lives during the barren and depressive era of martial law. The harsh social and political realm was accompanied by a crisis in the philosophical and artistic sphere, related to the domination of postmodernist philosophy, asserting the rupture, chaos and anxiety of the contemporary world, no longer organised by any meta-narrations. That situation compelled the effort of self-creation, generating personal self-utopias and asking oneself the most fundamental questions related to one's own existence.

(Reference: Ł. Ronduda, Nurty ukrytej dekady, in: Ukryta Dekada, Polska Sztuka Wideo 1985-1995, ed. by P. Krajewski, V. Kutlubasis-Krajewska, Wrocław 2010)

Year: 1986
Duration: 2'05"
Language: no language
Source: VHS

© Jerzy Truszkowski

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