Filmoteka Muzeum

The artists write: “In Świecie, we managed to conduct an extraordinary experiment. We could observe the birth of a legend and see how people create it and how much they crave it. A monster fished out of a small river became a sensation that had a magnetic appeal for the local community. (...) Presented in a convincing way, the fake fish stirred excitement. A sculpture of paper, foil, gelatine and instant coffee looked exactly like a monster from the local river Wda to almost each of the viewers. Those unconvinced were wondering, debating and exchanging arguments. There were also those who had happened to see that fish alive. There was no doubt that the fish was lighting up the imagination.

Organised within the project Awakening 20.10 curated by Karina Dzieweczyńska

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Year: 2010
Duration: 11'55"
Language: Polish (english subtitles)

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