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A History of Polish Theatre is one Sztwiertnia’s works that reinterpret the topoi of Polish culture and allow new questions to surface. Here, the artist confronts the problems of the memory of the body, discipline and trained behaviour, poses, reactions. During the making of the film, the artist engaged in a frequent collaboration with the model Andrzej Musiał, who had worked at Cracow’s Academy of Fine Arts for many years.

Musiał uses his body to stage key moments in the history of Polish theatre. Sztwiertnia works with him using the method of Jerzy Grotowski, whose “poor theatre” relied on bodily expression as the basic theatrical means. Sztwiertnia’s work also highlights the necessity to discipline and train the actor-model, teach him the conventional ways of expressing emotions.


Year: 2007
Duration: 18'52"
Language: no language

© Grzegorz Sztwiertnia