Filmoteka Muzeum

In the film Sosnowski develops the strategy of renouncing the autonomous language of art, which was transformed in the years to follow into a radical game with the sphere of the mass media, popular press and culture. As the title suggests, the film presents daily activities, such as brushing the teeth or putting on and off the watch. Embracing them in the form of an artistic statement, based on the language of triviality and obviousness, the artist engages in polemics with the aura of singularity pervading artistic activities.

The film lends itself to interpretation as a useless manual of the most trivial activities, whose naivety, accentuated to the maximum, expresses the cynical-critical approach to the trivialised iconosphere of human activities. Sosnowski aims to confront the viewer with the ultimately reduced reality-in-itself, encouraging them at the same time to “project” their own content onto the arranged situations.

References: Ł. Ronduda, F. Zeyfang (eds.), Warsaw 2006; Ł. Ronduda, Polish Art of the 70s Avant-garde, Warsaw 2009; Zdzisław Sosnowski, Goalkeeper, 1977, unpublished, Archive of the Centre for Academic Information and Documentation, CCA Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw.


Year: 1971
Duration: 7’30’’
Language: Polish
Source: 8 mm

© Zdzisław Sosnowski

Acquisition date: Jan 18, 2011
Acquisition: deposit
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