Filmoteka Muzeum

Study is a portrait of a young girl. The camera pans over her body like a gaze, sometimes stopping on the face or showing her private parts. This situation resembles peeping through a keyhole. The eponymous study is conducted on a very ambiguous female figure, a woman or perhaps a girl still during puberty. The viewer’s safe position is under threat. They look with reluctance but cannot help exploring the fascinating and intriguing image at the same time. The entire piece is suspended between a dream and a memory – something that functions as a recollected fragment of an image registered by memory.

(quoted from: Joanna Kobyłt, Zimna fala. Linia „Y” w appendix2,

Year: 2010
Duration: 2'19"
Language: no sound
Source: 8 mm

© Mateusz Sadowski