Filmoteka Muzeum

Mateusz Sadowski focuses on elements that our mind often follows inattentively, without bothering to take an effort to remember and inscribe them within the framework of wider experience. This kind of perception brings to mind a child's way of perceiving the world: gazing at particles of existence (...) Confronted with his art we observe inconspicuous actions and activities undertaken on the margins of existence for some unknown reason. The artist follows his personal paths of associations and tries to fully "disambiguate" them, meticulously penetrating selected fragments (...). Sadowski's newest films have a rhythmic structure whose successive elements / scenes / episodes naturally follow from the preceding ones not only because of the logic of narration but also due to the editing, which reflects the operating mechanisms of memory. It is also impossible to overlook the sense of humour, which this time seems to come to the fore. The artist seems to be regarding from a substantial distance his own struggle with the matter of the world, assuming both the role of the subject of rational actions and the object of observation and analyses.

Quoted from: Z. Hadryś, M. Lasota, Mateusz Sadowski. Nie ma takiego czegoś, exhibition brochure, Galeria Stereo, 2011.

Year: 2011
Duration: 13'08"
Language: Polish (english subtitles)
Source: HD video

© Mateusz Sadowski, courtesy Galeria Stereo