Filmoteka Muzeum

Film by Daniel Rycharski and Sławomir Shuty is seemingly a simple story of a village girl looking for happiness and the sense of life. The narrative of the film mostly consists of an inner monologue of the heroine, who reflects on her own life while engaging in various household activities.

The language that she uses, deliberately vague and essentially devoid of any information to convey, has been deprived of meaning. It became a mere cliché, a cluster of trivialities which builds the vision of a pop-banal world. Yet, the trivial verism of the images conceals references to magical thinking, which the artists tap into in a rather frivolous way.

The film comes to an end with a scene where her beloved one, having received hand-made sausage (the ritual of murder / animal sacrifice) reveals his werewolf face. The film combines the conventions of a soap opera and amateur documentary.


Year: 2008
Duration: 21'35"
Language: Polish

© Daniel Rycharski, Sławomir Shuty

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