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The message of the film: “it’s a fragile and uncertain existence we have” acts as a wake up call with the power of hyper-triviality. The unusual and somewhat childish game with the self, performed by the artist, stands for an act of analysis by means of a personal and mute lecture-confession (he does not open his mouth, speaking from within).

As it is usually the case with Rumiancew’s works, the entire pain-swollen existential excess serves the purpose of looking at one’s pains from a meta-level, while the extreme hysteria of the message allows to let off steam and achieve a healthy distance.

The inspiration for the film is twofold: firstly, Dancing with Tears in My Eyes is the title of a hit song by Ultravox, one of the leading bands of the 1980s’ ‘new romantic’ movement. Secondly, there is a strictly psychoanalytical thread to follow, which refers to The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema by Sophie Fiennes and Slavoj Żizek. Six lectures tackle the issue of the subjectivity of the psychic life, Freudian notions of drive and sublimation, the potential for building a private language and the problem of impotence combined with the fear of the Other, especially female.

References: J. Zielińska, Daniel Rumiancew, in: New Phenomena in Polish Art after 2000, CCA Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw 2007; J. Baudrillard, The Conspiracy of Art, MIT Press, 2005; M. Nieludcew, Tańcząc ze łzami w oczach. Daniel Rumiancew w Goldex Poldex,


Year: 2008
Duration: 18'40"
Language: no language
Source: BETA SP

© Daniel Rumiancew

Acquisition date: Oct 27, 2011
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