Filmoteka Muzeum

Performance footage of the group Ziemia Mindel Würm (Marek Rogulski, Piotr Wyrzykowski) from 1991, which was held within the international festival Real Time – Story Telling (Wyspa Gallery) on the Granary Island in Gdańsk.

According to Marek Rogulski – the leader and founder of the group, the name was to lend an archaic context to the group's activities, since Mindel and Würm denote epochs in the prehistoric development of mankind. The group operated between 1990s and 1992. Their lengthy and trancey actions carried out on the Granary Island in Gdańsk defined the artistic character of that place.

The group created ecstatic performances that were supposed to evoke primal forces and were accompanied by improvised experimental music. The duo built the context of their activities by referring to the magic of primitive cultures and shamanistic rituals. The goal of the actions was to reach the unconscious and primal energetic levels that are present in the human psyche. The actions stood in stark contrast to the urban reality of the early 1990s in Poland.

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Year: 1991
Duration: 25'42"
Language: Polish

© Marek Rogulski